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PRAKAASH JADHAV AND ASSOCIATES is a "DESIGN STUDIO", creating inspiring & exciting designs with craft. The studio is led by Ar. Prakash Jadhav, the founder, principal architect of the firm and Director Ar. Shahikant Patil consists of highly qualified and driven design professionals.

Since our inception in 1994, we have built a portfolio of bold, beautiful, intelligent architecture in sectors as diverse as education, hospitality, sports, leisure, corporate, health, residential, industrial and master planning.

Our studio has specialized in architectural planning, design & Interiors. We believe an emphasis on quality design can transform a place and elevate the human experience.

We are futurists, making today what we believe will inspire and connect people tomorrow. Practicing at the confluence of art, architecture and building technology, we collaborate with clients to create buildings and environments in dialogue with culture and place.


Design is the journey keeping us enthusiastic about the endless possibilities that our profession offers. We commit to quality by remaining flexible and proactive when it comes to innovation. Each project improves upon learning from those past.
"Our role is to create spaces of enduring value that serve, sustain and enrich life."

Director's Desk

Message from our Management.

Ar. Prakash Jadhav

Ar. Prakash Jadhav

Founder & Principal Architect

For us, architecture is a material manifestation of choreographed space. We create designs that are simultaneously functional and innovative. We strive to create work that speaks itself. Our Design is reflective of the client’s needs, desire and the “spirit of place”. Our design process absorbs all of the complexities of the projects, client’s needs, budget, and site and its context, social context, environmental consideration, abstract concepts, available technology and building methods.

Ar. Prakash Jadhav

Ar. Shashikant Patil

Director & Project Manager

Architecture is created through dialogue, exploration and ambitions. With us the process starts with creating a common ground so together we can start the exciting and rich journey towards a unique project. We love to make dynamic use of space, light and materials, focusing on proportion. Being able to manage the latest tools within technology gives us a great advantage. We can easily test a broad spectra of schemes and concepts, effectively finding the right approach for each project.